Handmade for you

Handmade for you 2023 - 9010novantadieci

Hands proud to create Made In Italy.

Products in the 9010novantadieci line are made and finished by hand in totally artisan style; technology is then used to create light for a superb Made in Italy product. Expert hands shape quality; hands guided by passion and creativity, skilled, wise and conscientious, hands that respect tradition and guide technology.

Unique, with passion, for you.

Why handmade?

Starting from the conception, up to the design, the creation, the packaging and the shipment, 9010novantadieci creations are handcrafted and are therefore unique, original and exclusive. Each product is different from a similar one, thanks to the mastery it has breathed while it was created. Choosing 9010novantadieci products means supporting crafsmanship and creativity, it is a way of rewarding talent, passion and tradition of the manual work that characterizes us, in Nove (VI), “City of Ceramics”. Each product has its own history and hides the study of the techniques and of the trials, the mistakes and the successes that inspired and enhanced it. We create light products, handmade by people loving what they create.

Artisan care tailored for you

Why choose 9010novantadieci?

An artisan product, and in particular the 9010novantadieci creations are committed to respect the environment, using non-toxic materials and reducing the production of waste. The local Italian production involves a limited use of industrial machinery and thanks to the constantly evolving artisan process, the waste of non-compliant items is avoided. We work on a project basis, in order to avoid a massive production and limit the packaging as much as possible. A 9010novantadieci article can also be customized according to requests and needs, always keeping its high quality, the care of the details and the passion for our work. We offer, on demand, the option to create lighting products with designs or dimensions other than the standard.

Innovation & design

The 9010 staff is composed of professionals dedicated to their work. Thanks to the costant investment in research and development, the 9010novantadieci products are versatile and innovative, with reference to their high quality raw materials and their high number of patents. The excellence of our products is objective and verifiable: they are all individually tested. An attitude to perfection to always offer the maximum safety. Furthermore we offer a wide choice of LEDs, available also for customised versions, such as the tunable white technology, RGB and domotics scenarios, that leave room for the realization of original projects with a strong emotional and visual impact. Our slogan is "innovation and design" for the creations signed 9010novantadieci.

Our starting point and our finish line

Our raw materials

Raw materials are not only the starting point but also the finish line. Our commitment lies in respecting and not degenerating raw materials, by not allowing them to deviate too far from their nature. We do this each day by experimenting and testing ourselves in the development of new creations. In recent years, we have given life to materials to be processed in the creation of new products. CERAMICA 9010® comes from the artisan tradition, CRISTALY® from innovation, tested antibacterial and air-purifying, CONCRETEindoor 9010® from the tactile, ALUMITE® from technology and BETALY® from nature. Attention to quality, to the beauty of the material and to the needs of customers has led us to producing light for your homes for over 50 years. We design, we work the raw materials and produce each creation in our historic headquarter in Nove.

Passion along with the attention paid to quality and manufacturing tradition as well as to technology, research and new patents are some of the values behind 9010novantadieci.

Each lighting product is born within our own territory, growing with the mastery of artisan hands and maturing in light.