Available only in 9010novantadieci products, with notable features: a compound capable of enhancing light.

Raw materials are the starting point and also the point of arrival. Our commitment lies precisely in respecting them, avoiding any distortion or adulterating the material’s traditional nature. Every day, we experiment and test ourselves, designing new products and formulating new creations. In these years we faced new challenges and we created new materials to suit the creation of new products, such as our unique and incredible CRISTALY®.

CRISTALY® is compatible with plasterboard installations and, thanks to its low thermal conductivity properties, its non-deforming and non-flammable surface, it is a material with excellent resistance and safe for use in easily accessible areas. On top of that, CRISTALY® gives to our products perfectly white and pure to the touch surfaces that can be decorated with any type of water paint, granting the customization of any product of the collection.

The attention to quality, to the beauty of the material, to the needs of customers led us to produce light for your homes for over 50 years. We design, we process raw materials, we produce every creation in our historic production plant in Nove.

CRISTALY® is environmentally friendly: chemically inert, hypoallergenic, made of non-toxic elements which, even in case of fire, do not develop harmful smokes. Its unique structure gives it a natural repellency to dust. CRISTALY® products are entirely handmade in Italy, do not need specific maintenance, are certified according to CE norms and respect the highest quality standards in the lighting market.

Every product is carefully made at our historic premises in Nove (VI), and every detail of surface or colour testifies to their uniqueness and meticulous artisan production.