The state-of-the-art aluminium alloy with innovative dissipation and sturdiness from 9010novantadieci.

Ideal for modular bar systems or forms with minimal decoration to illuminate any environment with refinement and elegance. This material can be customised to suit any need.
An exclusive aluminium formula has been studied and perfected by the 9010novantadieci technical department to achieve innovative results in terms of shine, mechanical resistance to torsion and expansion. ALUMITE® is an aluminium alloy considered to have the best characteristics and be the most avant-garde on the market today.

Used exclusively in 9010novantadieci products, ALUMITE® is a special aluminium alloy with the innovative characteristics of lightness, brilliance and resistance to atmospheric agents. From the artisan manufacturing tradition to the detailed technical research, our path culminates in the creation of specific materials for the 9010novantadieci light creations, able to adapt to any project.

The resistant and luminous 9010novantadieci products in ALUMITE® are made in Veneto by trusted and consolidated suppliers, chosen specifically for their skills in the sector.