CONCRETEindoor 9010®

Lightness and resistance, in a combination enhanced by 9010novantadieci in the name of light.

CONCRETE indoor 9010® is a special and exclusive compound of 9010novantadieci, the result of an original combination of mineral clays and lightened concrete. This union forms a material with excellent performance and is able to lighten the structure significantly. The bubbles present in the material and visible on the surface create volume without compromising the characteristics of the final product. Rather, they confer a tactile effect that is pleasing to the eye and impactful to the touch.

A new look in lighting your home.

Our CONCRETE indoor 9010® is a completely non-toxic material, made with nature in mind – both in terms of the forms of the products and in the varied and original texture. Processing allows a tactile material to be obtained, which satisfies both sight and touch, formed by mineral clays and being perfect for indoor environments.

Thanks to its natural composition and artisanal production, CONCRETE indoor 9010® takes on a unique value that is highly evocative – just like the light it emits.