New lamps Euroluce Salone Mobile 2023

New 9010novantadieci design lamps at Salone del Mobile 2023

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The Salone del Mobile, to be held between April 18-23, 2023, is the quintessential Italian design event held annually in Milan.

What's new at Salone del Mobile 2023

The 61st edition of the historic event is a must-see hub for all companies in the sector, as the latest solutions related to home furnishing and efficiency will be presented during the week.

The 2023 edition will all take place on one level of the fairgrounds to make the experience of attending the event even more intuitive. Numerous industry players, professionals, and interior design enthusiasts will be present to learn about the new range of furniture solutions, discuss industry trends, and touch on new artistic currents in furniture and lighting.

This event, as President Maria Porro explains, will also see the development of a "reflection on the future of the trade fair model," a reflection that will also touch on Euroluce, the biennial event dedicated to lighting.

9010novantadieci has been a spokesperson for energy-saving and eco-sustainability goals in the field of domestic and commercial lighting for years, through its business of making designer lamps that respect the needs of the environment and the public.

We can anticipate right now that we will be present at Salone del Mobile 2023 with a space dedicated not only, as in previous years, to Indoor Lighting, but also - for the first time - to Outdoor Lighting.

There will be no shortage of surprises: on this occasion we will introduce you to our new proposals from the past months, and many exclusive novelties for the fair: from new products, to new designers, up to the presentation of the new Indoor Catalogue 23, and we will have the pleasure to discuss with you the topic of eco friendly lighting.

9010novantadieci at the Salone del Mobile 2023: what news?

9010novantadieci will participate in this important event, you will find us in the lighting section of the Salone, "Euroluce".

Since 1976, Euroluce has been the benchmark when it comes to presenting innovative solutions and lighting and attracts more than 420 exhibitors from among the leading brands in the industry.

Among the countless solutions we will find luminaires for lighting both inside and outside buildings, industrial lighting, lighting for shows and events, special purposes, as well as lighting systems and light sources.

Lamps are the real protagonists. Inseparable companions of our daily lives, they have evolved from simple tools for lighting to true design elements capable of enhancing decor choices and giving a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the environment.

As you know, 9010novantadieci has been pursuing its mission of environmental sustainability for years in making efficient eco-friendly and quality home lighting solutions, making use of innovative skills and the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship that distinguishes the area in which it resides.

Currently, at the time of writing, we are busy setting up our booth (P15.116) to host the new proposals to be previewed.

The 9010novantadieci designer outdoor lamps at the Salone del Mobile 2023

The 9010novantadieci recessed lamps are made of BETALY®, a natural, versatile and durable material. Lamps made of BETALY® can be inserted directly into the structure of the home, and are even able to maintain the insulation rating of the cladding and energy class.

The designer lamp collections in our outdoor catalog recall nature in style and substance. An essence as compact as rock and a profile as delicate and sinuous as grass stalks. The ceiling lamps , ART. 1094B - 1094C - 1203, produce an enveloping light that floods the surroundings.

PASSO is a step marker that illuminates the scene in a graceful yet compact way.

ANTHEA light inspired by plant forms gives off a soft light that illuminates the passageway producing a wonderful spectacle to the eye.

The soft curves of OOLITE CUP symbolize the delicate trait d'union between home environments and the natural world. OOLITE light poles are developed according to an aesthetic choice to reproduce the uniqueness of each element in nature, coupled with the innate ability to mirror one's environment of origin. The compact DOUBLE SMALL light posts meet lighting needs in a creative and effective way that inexorably captivates from the first glance. ALFIERE outdoor spotlights are elegant installations with a contoured profile that give off an intense, yet discreet, frontal light that lends an unprecedented feeling of welcome and refinement to the garden.

And it doesn't end there! During the event, our new Indoor collection will be presented with the new design lighting we have in store for the year 2023: New original and eco-friendly products that will not fail to amaze you!

Many novelties from the 2023 edition of Salone del Mobile await you, which we will have the pleasure of communicating in the coming months.

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