How to light a store: guide to choosing modern lamps

How to light a store: guide to choosing modern lamps

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Business lighting consists of a choice of appropriate lights not only to brighten the rooms, but also to outline the aesthetic atmosphere of the store and thus enhance the features you want to make evident.

Good lighting is a necessary condition for making a good impression on customers in the store, attracting the attention of those who point their eyes on the window to the products on display, suggesting an aura of care and a welcoming feeling in those who enter.

This is not just a designer's pet peeve, but a real asset to be enhanced on a par with product layout, hygiene and merchandise quality.

The best ideas for lighting a store

Among the many lamps available for commercial environments, one must choose the ones best suited to enhance a store's style, space, product location, and areas in which customers interact. Designer lamps allow you to put in a good light--excuse the pun--the merchandise on display, draw attention to specific locations, and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Minimal pendant lamps are store lighting solutions focused on simplicity to effectively brighten spaces dedicated to product promotion. They provide homogeneous light suitable for illuminating a specific type of environment.

Variants in black and white colors are very suitable for illuminating retail spaces in an elegant manner.

A vertical lighting allows to give a special atmosphere to the store as a whole, while sources placed to the side or below suggest accent lighting. Recessed LED lights make it possible to generate satisfying visual effects that can attract attention.

Designer wall lights are functional and very versatile store lighting systems, available in a large number of shapes and colors. They are able to give an appreciable touch of originality to commercial environments, where it is necessary that the eye is always pleasantly impressed. A wall sconce with soft light helps generate a soft atmosphere that makes customers feel at home. A wall sconce with direct light sharply focuses attention to certain details, such as the products on display that need to be clearly in view to attract attention.

CRISTALY® store wall sconces embody a definite natural soul, perfect for stores that want to let customers know their concern for the environment. It is a durable and safe material, pure to the touch and bathed in a perfect white that fully conveys the beauty this candid material embodies. It has even been tested as antibacterial and purifies the air both when lit and unlit to ensure maximum comfort.

BETALY® is a nontoxic, high-performance material that is resistant to low and high temperatures. BETALY® lamps are ideal for stores with outdoor areas to be lit and furnished in a way that brings out their aesthetic merits and eco-friendly soul, as they are composed of powders of various grain sizes from previous recycling.

Functional adjustable spotlights make it possible to enhance the details and colors of surfaces, focusing attention where it needs to be focused.

How to light a store?

Lighting sources for commercial premises should be understood as true furnishing accessories, such as both to provide the indicated light and to enrich the decor in line with the present style.

Successfully lighting a store requires in-depth knowledge of the configuration of its rooms, the location of various products, and the areas in which employees interact with customers. Appropriate arrangement of light sources ensures proper functionality and visibility, so that movement is encouraged and attention is directed to the right spots.

Recessed lights are lighting sources that can be declined to the needs of multiple types of commercial premises.

Solar cut-off lights increase the perception of natural brightness that makes customers feel comfortable. Therefore, it is important to choose those light source models that blend well with natural lighting so that there is no mismatch between the interior and exterior of the store.

In any case, if the room already enjoys natural light, there is no need to overdo it with artificial lighting sources.

Lighting for clothing stores: the best choices

Lighting for clothing stores allows you to draw attention to the clothing products on display. Even lighting ensures that the room is properly illuminated so that everyone can move and interact smoothly. A series of light points placed in the appropriate positions, such as recessed spotlights, ensure excellent visibility around the products you intend to put in relief. Attention must be paid to the homogeneity of the prepared lights; alternating warm and cold lights could create a confusing effect to the eye if adopted roughly. Shrewdly arranged contrasting brightness makes neutral, bare-walled rooms more appealing. Modern wall sconces emphasize the features of walls and displays through direct and precise light.

Attention must also be paid to the type of lights fielded. Cool lights give off shades tending toward white and blue, generating perceptions of tranquility and satisfaction. Warm lights give off shades tending toward red, inducing feelings of comfort and warmth, ideal for when you want to suggest an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Lighting for grocery stores: the best choices

Lighting in grocery stores is crucial to enhance the freshness of products, so as to entice customers to make purchases and thus reduce energy costs to keep products in good condition longer. Foods such as meats and fish should always look fresh and inviting-a bright light with a natural cut is perfect for achieving this purpose. Spotlights for example allow you to communicate a feeling of freshness without affecting quality, as well as making your mouth water at the sight of so many tempting foods!

LED lamps cost-effectively provide high output lighting with low UV and infrared content, so as not to dry out the illuminated foods. Thanks to LED lights, it is possible to enhance the characteristics of food products, bringing out their colors in a natural and attractive way. Appropriate arrangement of lights makes some areas less prominent than others so that customers' attention is focused on the highlighted products.

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