How to light your designer garden: the best outdoor lights

How to light your designer garden: the best outdoor lights

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Gardens are green areas where it is pleasant in summer to carve out a moment of relaxation, alone or in company, so designer lighting is of great importance to ensure that you have the light you need to dine and chat, immersed in a pleasant and elegant experience.

Over the last few years, many designer outdoor lighting solutions have emerged, from which one must choose the most appropriate ones given the characteristics of one's outdoor spaces. In recent years, the concept of outdoor design has taken hold, aimed at making the garden an elegant and aesthetically pleasing place on a par with the actual home.

How to illuminate a designer garden: the best outdoor lights

Adequate lighting can make green areas more design-oriented, taking into account the space available in a reasoned manner and the outdoor context. Soft blue, violet and white lights help to generate a relaxing atmosphere in the garden. If we want to make the green environment more choreographic, we can opt for spherical lamps of different sizes, which can be placed here and there to give an extra sparkling touch.

Strip-LEDs are suitable for producing irresistible plays of light from the most intriguing architectural corners. Above dining areas we can place lamps or spotlights that illuminate without interrupting the harmony of the atmosphere.

Remember, however, not to install dazzling lights facing inwards in the garden, you must avoid dazzling and at the same time you must not create shaded areas that can be used by criminals.

Let's find out which types of lights should be used to illuminate the main areas of the garden!

How to illuminate courtyards and paths in designer gardens with spotlights

Design gardens often have pathways and walkways that need to be lit, especially for safety reasons. To ensure proper safety, you can use step marker spotlights or adjustable floor lamps characterized by a strong light that spreads evenly along the entire driveway. In addition to marking out bright paths, garden markers also allow you to create fascinating plays of light. They are resistant to all weathers, can easily withstand exposure to both sun and rain, and have an IP 65 rating. What's more, they boast optimum aesthetic appeal, given their ability to visually complete the ambience. If you are looking for atmospheric outdoor lamps, the 9010 1302-1303-1305 models are fantastic design lighting solutions that create portions of enveloping shade and dense light.

How to illuminate shrubs and hedges in designer gardens

Garden lighting also serves to enhance and emphasize trees and plants in general to create a special ambience. For low plants, such as bushes or flowerbeds, the advice is to illuminate them from above, perhaps by means of garden lamps, thus achieving a pleasant and scenic effect. If you have to deal with flowerbeds in front of a hedge, on the other hand, it is better to use spotlights that provide frontal lighting. On the other hand, if there are no hedges in the garden but walls, it may be a good idea to use a walkway marker to create a light path around the perimeter.

Designer outdoor garden lamps

Designer outdoor lamps allow you to embellish your modern garden by shaping enchanting and evocative scenarios that will enrich your stay in the midst of greenery. The relaxation and living areas are the most lived-in and frequented areas of the garden, especially in summer, used for outdoor dinners and aperitifs or perhaps simply to relax. In these cases you can opt for sphere-shaped light fittings, which give an elegant and relaxing touch to the room.

Designer outdoor wall lights are a perfect solution for elegant gardens: they create an intimate, relaxing atmosphere and, thanks to the possibility of choosing the direction of the light, it is possible to create luminous plays of light to brighten up outdoor evenings. Outdoor floor lamps achieve optimal lighting in designer gardens while maintaining a sense of continuity without making the gap between indoors and outdoors perceptible.

How to illuminate the swimming pool in a designer garden

The lighting design solutions to be adopted to illuminate the edge of a swimming pool in the garden must give variety to the environment and give a refined image to the edges of the pool, in order to capture the viewer's attention. We can opt for an alternation of warm and cool lights to create an atmosphere that is more energetic in some places and more relaxing in others. Pendant lamps are suitable for swimming pools contained within luxury gazebos. Floor lamps are useful for lighting the edges of pools and drawing attention to noteworthy architectural details.

LED recessed lights are modern solutions used to illuminate outdoor pools, creating striking visual effects. Ideal to be placed along the pool edge and along the walkway leading to the guest, they are designed to provide electrical isolation while at the same time providing subtle and attractive illumination, and ensure spatiality even when it gets dark.

Designer garden parking area lighting

Garden lighting around the car park is crucial to ensure that access to the garage goes smoothly. Recessed outdoor spotlights are suitable solutions to compensate for the absence of evening light. If the driveway is flanked by walls, we can resort to wall lights that will leave the space free on the ground. If, on the other hand, the path is in the middle of the garden, we can opt for posts placed on the ground at regular distances to illuminate the path. Such devices should have the light directed downwards, to avoid dazzling those passing by in a car.

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