The best outdoor lights for your garden

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When planning your garden lighting, you need to decide what to light and which lighting to use. There are many design solutions to turn your garden into a cosy and pleasant place.

Choosing the lighting may sound easy, but the lighting layout has to consider both the areas of the garden to be illuminated and the final effect you want to achieve in your garden.
Let's find out which types of lighting to light the main areas of the garden with!

Illuminate courtyards and footpaths with garden spotlights

Gardens often have driveways and walkways that need to be lit, especially for safety reasons. In order to ensure the proper safety, you can use walkway spotlights with a strong light that spreads uniformly throughout the driveway. In addition to marking out bright paths, garden markers also allow you to create fascinating plays of light. They are resistant to all weathers, easily withstanding both sun and rain, having an IP 65 protection rating.

In addition, they offer an excellent aesthetic performance, as they can visually complete the ambience.

Illuminate bushes and hedges with bollards

Garden lighting also serves to enhance and emphasize trees and plants in general, so as to create a special setting. For low plants, such as bushes or flowerbeds, the advice is to light them from above, using garden lamps, achieving a pleasant and scenic effect. On the other hand, if you have flowerbeds in front of a hedge, it is better to use spotlights that provide frontal lighting. Furthermore, if there are no hedges in the garden but walls, it may be a good idea to use a walkway marker to create a light path along its perimeter.

Illuminate lounge and living areas with designer wall lights

The relax area and living area are the most lived-in and visited areas of the garden, especially in summer, being used for outdoor dinners and aperitifs or simply to relax.

As a result, these areas need adequate lighting. Designer outdoor wall lights are a perfect solution: they create an intimate, relaxing atmosphere and, thanks to the possibility of choosing the direction of the light, it is possible to create bright light effects to make outdoor evenings more enjoyable.

Illuminating outdoor stairways and pool edges with recessed lights

Several aspects have to be considered in order to effectively illuminate an outdoor staircase. If the staircase is very long, it is recommended to install recessed outdoor spotlights, which must be resistant to damp and weather. It is a good idea to position them in alternating steps, not too far from each other, in order to create suggestive and fascinating light effects. LED recessed lights are modern solutions also used to illuminate open-air pools. They are ideal for positioning along the pool edge and are designed to ensure electrical isolation while providing soft, attractive lighting.