How to light your bedroom with wall lamps

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Wall sconces are fantastic solutions to illuminate your home in a soft and elegant way, highlighting the stylistic choices of the apartment. Wall lamps combine beauty and functionality and contribute to creating a refined style in domestic environments. However, in order to perform to their full potential and be comfortable, they also have to be positioned in the right way, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

How to illuminate the bedroom without a chandelier?

Wall sconces are wall lamps that embody an appreciable elegance, helping to fill empty spaces on walls. They are appreciable solutions to illuminate bedrooms with reduced height and space in a delicate and elegant way.

Wall lights are excellent choices for a living room, a hallway as well as for walls bordering an interior staircase, although great attention must be devoted to placing them at the right height and choosing them correctly in relation to the style of the room in question.

They are versatile fixtures that can provide discreet but appreciable illumination for relaxation rooms such as bedrooms.

Wall sconces can be used instead of bedside lamps: being located on the wall allows them to radiate light over a wide range without taking up precious space on the bedside table, contributing to pre-sleep relaxation.

If you want to ensure a soft atmosphere in the room, you can opt for a wall sconce with a soft light. If instead you prefer a strong and decisive lighting, it is better to opt for a sconce with a strong and direct light.

Where to position the wall sconces

Wall sconces are both convenient lighting systems and graceful and elegant pieces of furniture. But, to express the best of their potential, they must be placed in the appropriate way.

If the ceiling is 2.7 meters high, it is advisable to install the wall sconce around 1.9/2.2 meters, while if it exceeds this height we can raise it by another 10/20 centimeters. Generally, the recommended heights for wall sconces are established by convention in relation to the standard height of the ceilings (270 centimeters) or of the doors (210 cm).

A good rule is to raise the wall sconces at least one meter and eighty centimeters from the floor, while remaining within two meters and twenty.

The height at which to position the wall sconces also depends on the specific use that is intended for them. For example, if we want to use the wall lamps to enhance paintings or pieces of furniture, the wall sconces will be placed above or below its height to ensure that the light is directed towards the desired point. If it has to be installed on a wall that has a door, the wall sconce should be placed at a height that is at least 20 centimeters above the door handle.

How to light a room with a wall sconce

Wall lights are a very suitable choice for lighting our rooms at the same time paying attention to energy consumption. Thanks to their small size, they are also easily adapted to low-ceilinged rooms and corridors. But what is the best way to choose a wall lamp suitable for a particular room?

First of all, you must choose wall sconces in line with the decoration style of the house and with the type of room in which they will be applied.

If you have to insert multiple wall lamps in the house, you should pay attention to position them at the same height to respect a certain consistency in the arrangement. If you intend to use the sconces to produce accent light, pay particular attention to the object to be illuminated rather than the height of the walls.

The 9010 wall sconces are handmade entirely in Italy in different types of materials, from CRISTALY® to Ceramica 9010® to CONCRETE Indoor 9010®, and can be customized according to the style of the environment.

At what height should wall sconces be in the bedroom?

Wall sconces should be positioned in the bedroom in such a way as to illuminate the contents of the room in a diffuse but not bulky way. The light directed at the bed should be soft so as not to disturb sleep, while the wardrobe will benefit from more targeted lighting.

In general, keep in mind that wall lamps should be installed above our eyes (on average at a height of no less than 1.70 meters).

How to put up wall lights in the bedroom

Are you wondering how to install wall sconces in your bedroom?

First, you need to get the necessary tools for the job: screwdriver, drill, pencil: also remember to turn off the electricity to work safely.

Mark the points on the wall where you will make the holes with the drill with a pencil. Once done, place the base of the lamp on the wall and fix it with the tassel screws.

Now you need to make sure that the cables come out of the wall for a sufficient length to work. For each cable, you need to remove the outer rubber sheath for 1 cm in length, so that the copper wires can be seen.

At the bottom of the sconce you will find a clamp in which the wire called earth must pass, while the blue and brown wires must be connected in the appropriate compartments in each lamp.

If you are afraid of making a mistake, you can turn to an expert who can guide you to the right choice.

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