Light means (second) life

Light means (second) life

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9010novantadieci & Cooperativa Sociale Insieme

To testify our commitment in "reducing, reusing and recycling" every resource, we have chosen to donate our unsold articles, to Cooperativa Insieme from Vicenza, so that the products can have a second life!


Every company has the responsability to give its own contribution so that the society grows and improves and the less lucky people have the opportunity to progress. We continue to hold out our hand to associations and organisations involved in the social field.


Founded in 1979, this cooperative's mission is to collect goods, preparing them to be reused thanks to their 4 shops and wholesale centers, or prepare them for correct recycling. The cooperative also handles education and communication towards citizens through events and activities.


After a careful selection by Insieme's staff, a sale/market exposition was organised from May 28th to June 11th, with a big assortment of various high quality and value 9010novantadieci models, to allow a conscious and eco-friendly shopping, sharing the mindset of "reducing, reusing and recycling".


Our business culture is based on a profound mindfulness towards sustainability, which is why we adopt our daily commitments to raising awareness and reducing our ecological footprint. At 9010novantadieci, we work by combining passion and experience, and the utmost protection of the territory.