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We use LED lightining in increasingly innovative ways.

9010novantadieci® presents the new Profile Brochure with revised models, new models, creativity and maximum freedom! Together, a new Profiles Sample Box, made entirely of cardboard and non-toxic inks, thinner, lighter and more sustainable. At the end of its lifetime it can be entirely recycled in every piece of it, but until then, it can be passed from hand to hand, from thought to thought, to find brilliant minds that can apply its uses.


P002 - P003 - P004

Create your ideal light! The recessed profiles P002, P003 and P004 of 9010novantadieci allow the design of customized paths of light, thanks to the possibility to install them into concrete wall, brickwork and wood.


P005 - P007 - P015

The wonderful P005, P007 and P015 are the perfect choice for various wall-washer effects, giving even light in a wide band.


P010 - P011 - P012 - P013

Minimal, refined and elegant, P010, P011, P012 and P013 profiles in ALUMITE® with a quick recessed system, that do not require plaster finishing, are ideal for compositions with a modern and decisive design.

Create your light effects.


4189 - 4190 - 4197

The PROFILES with CRISTALY® 4189, 4190 and 4197 are ideal for a detailed and aesthetically perfect project, thanks to the reeled opaline casing which avoids the need for joins in the length.


P009 - P018

9010novantadieci® reaches the top of innovation, through the article P009 with the customisable front part, and thanks to the new P018, perfect for lighting up every corner of the house at best.


P016 - P017 - P019 - P020

New light lines to illuminate every room with the extraordinary brightness of ALUMITE®. The new P016, P017, P019 and P020 mantain the design of 9010novantadieci®, using the led lightining in increasingly innovative ways.

Light is our passion.


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