The new lighting points of 16 mm keep the exceptional hole/lumen/volume ratio combining it with new decorative shapes

MINILED MONTI, with its sinuous and delicate shapes, is the ideal choice for illuminating a modern, minimalist environment.

The exceptional hole diameter/lumen/size ratio is unique, created exclusively by 9010novantadieci to ensure the best lighting and maximum energy savings.

MINILED models feature easy serviceability directly from the light hole, with the innovative ability to choose from 4 distinct optics (20°, 30°, 40°, 50°) that are easily interchangeable, even when the product is installed on site, producing different angles of light.

They also facilitate the choice of light intensity by powering them at different currents: by selecting the right driver, MINILEDs can be powered at up to 900mA, equivalent to 11W of power.