MINILED and MICROLED: let yourself be enchanted!

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Let yourself be enchanted

A collection characterized by minimal style: MINILED & MICROLED, the union of CRISTALY® and ALUMITE®, the primary geometric shapes that embellish the environment in a delicate and at the same time sophisticated way. Interior spaces expertly illuminated with refined, antibacterial and air purifying materials, which are a symbol of craftsmanship, creativity, research, high quality raw materials and Italian tradition: pillars that 9010novantadieci demonstrates in each of its creations.



4254A, 4254B, 4254C, 4247Z

The new lighting points of 16 mm keep the exceptional hole/lumen/volume ratio of the MINILED 9010novantadieci, combining new decorative, gentle and refined shapes, giving further possibilities of new emotional plays of light.

(4254B in photo)


4247G, 4248G

The new MICROLEDs of 11mm with CRISTALY® body have been created to satisfy the necessity of a compact and functional lighting point that could preserve the MINILEDs efficiency. Thanks to the low power of 4W, the new recessed spotlights offer an excellent output using the LED technology.

(4247G in photo)


4253A, 4253B, 4253C, 4253D

A versatile and innovative solution that joins the purity of CRISTALY® and the high-strength of ALUMITE®. 9010novantadieci introduces new tiltable and adjustable spotlights, available in two colours: white and black. They are suitable for accented lighting and perfect for enhancing focus areas, guarantee maximum technology and light output.

(4253A in photo)



This ceiling lamp MINILED in CRISTALY® of square shape it is an ideal choice for any lighting project. Suitable to fit any environment, it diffuses a pleasant light through a 16 mm hole.