Diventare un bosco - Villa Angaran San Giuseppe

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illuminazione giardino paletti 1/9

Sara Lando, a photographer who has long collaborated with Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, has created a photo book titled "Becoming a Forest" that chronicles the first two years of the renovated North Park: from the first cuts, to the creation of the trail, to the 269 plantings of new trees and shrubs to the first events.

Il Parco Nord

On June 21, 2023, Bassano del Grappa's first urban forest was unveiled, created through an intervention of recovery and redevelopment of the north park of Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, to date the only Venetian Villa designated for social inclusion and citizenship development activities. A green space designed for people to combat climate change through the planting of 269 new trees of 14 species native to the Veneto's lowland ecosystem.


A wonderful project, in which 9010novantadieci sees the same ideals of environmental protection reflected, supporting and sustaining it from the beginning. In fact, we have chosen to collaborate and contribute to the supply of 77 splendid ELLE bollards, art. 1093, handmade in BETALY®, which will illuminate the entire new urban forest in a soft and non-polluting way.

L'ultimo anno

In the 1990s, more than 300 walnut trees were planted in the area where North Park is located today. Over the next 30 years, the walnut grove grew without any silvicultural management, and the trees remained thin because they were planted too close together. The decay of the green area led the developer to consider a major redevelopment of the park. In February 2023, the 269 plants that make up the urban forest today were planted, with the intention of bringing back the history of the agricultural park and, at the same time, breathing new life into the area with a modern and easily recognizable intervention.

In the past year, the park has been inaugurated and populated by the first events: artist residencies, social forums and markets that open the way to the endless possibilities of a new growing space.