How to light up plasterboard ceilings? Some ideas

How to light up plasterboard ceilings? Some ideas

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A false ceiling is a structure that is placed under the ceiling, and therefore reduces the usable height of a room: it allows you to achieve certain aesthetic effects. By adopting appropriate plasterboard ceiling lighting, home rooms can be made more welcoming in both daytime and evening hours.

The lighting of a room must first of all take into account the needs of the room in question. For example, the bedroom needs adequate lighting in the direction of the bedside table and closet areas with which one interacts; otherwise, dim light that does not stimulate too much attention and does not disturb sleep is fine.

Warm light bulbs
that illuminate without being glaring are ideal for generating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, while cool light bulbs help keep attention and are suitable for the sink, make-up and bath areas.
The kitchen needs lighting that is not aggressive but focused on areas where we need to pay special attention. In the living room, for example, light should focus on the TV or dining area.

There are multiple solutions for adequately lighting a suspended ceiling: recessed spotlights in particular are among the most discreet but effective solutions available to us.

Ceiling lighting: the best ideas on how to use spotlights

Spotlights are practical and elegant systems for ensuring proper lighting of home rooms, but it should be kept in mind that not all models are the same.

Recessed spotlights for false ceilings fit easily into the holder and blend easily with the surface material. In this way, the spotlight does not stand out, and the illumination given off by it is enhanced.

There are models of recessed spotlights in various shapes: round, square, rectangular and others. The 15mm recessed spotlights are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, corridors. It is a patented and exclusive 9010 lighting system, the only model on the market that can be installed in only 15 mm of ceiling space, perfectly meeting the needs of discreet but effective lighting and the ideal solution for limited space situations, in renovations and similar situations.

The best ideas for the arrangement of spotlights in the suspended ceiling

LED spotlights are optimal solutions for illuminating the home: they produce much more intense light than older halogen models, last longer and at lower power consumption, and enhance the sharpness of colors.

As for the arrangement of spotlights, the distance between them and the walls should be at least one-third of the height of the room in question. We generally opt to place at least three spotlights per wall, but of course this figure may depend on the power of the spotlight, the aesthetics of the room and the type of light you want to create.

The arrangement of the spotlights is very important in order to achieve wide, soft and more incisive lighting aimed at areas in which activities requiring attention are carried out. Spotlights can be placed in different patterns such as:

  • simple, regular and staggered grids
  • grids of the same shape and intensity (to produce a basic to balanced effect)
  • grids of different sizes, which can be combined to create alternating groups to cover all areas to be illuminated

Rectangular spotlights can follow a linear arrangement following the architectural lines of the room, using them at the limit to create more complex shapes.

Grids of spotlights that are equal to each other contribute to a monotonous look of the walls, but are suitable when you want to generate a homogeneous and regular effect.

Geometric arrangement of spotlights, on the other hand, helps stimulate the perception of refined and suggestive shapes intended to catch the eye.

Obviously, the type of wall in question also makes a difference: in the case of mirrored walls, for example, it is necessary to choose a given arrangement so that no points of discontinuity appear between the various spotlights. In this way we will be able to achieve the right combination of light and shadow in order to generate an attractive effect on the illuminated rooms.

How to arrange LEDs to illuminate the false ceiling

Plasterboard ceiling lighting makes it possible to make home environments more cozy and pleasant even in the evening hours, promoting relaxation and leisure time. Thanks to LED light sources, we can achieve good savings in electricity consumption without affecting the quality of lighting.

LED lights are available in different temperatures and colors: you can choose between warm, cool and neutral light according to the needs of each room. Sustainability is another plus point: LEDs consume little energy, last longer than traditional bulbs, and do not overheat.

LED strips
are elements that can be arranged to follow the aesthetic elements of the ceiling in order to generate lighting that follows its structure. Modern-style LED chandeliers are lighting systems that provide diffuse light that helps enhance the essential forms of the ceiling. LED ceiling lights can also be applied in the plasterboard ceiling, which are excellent for spreading light throughout the room discreetly but effectively.
Within special cuts in the false ceiling near the windows, LED light bars can be placed to generate visually pleasing light effects.

Indirect lighting in the suspended ceiling with LED profiles

Indirect lighting in the suspended ceiling makes it possible to illuminate rooms in a reflected but equally even and pleasant manner, avoiding the problem of shadows that might otherwise form. In this way, optimal lighting can be created for living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens, contributing to energy savings in the home due to the efficiency of modern LEDs. LEDs can be inserted inside specially made cutouts in the plasterboard ceiling near windows or in the middle of the ceiling to produce ample brightness that will add to what is normally present.

LED profiles make it possible to generate an appreciable type of lighting, making living rooms and living areas comfortable and cozy, without the need for complex work. They are aluminum extrusions that accommodate the LED strips, power supply and everything necessary to produce pleasant beams of light with a modern cut.

Angular, recessed, ceiling-mounted, the profiles made by 9010 also have a concealed design, which in addition to integrating easily into any type of false ceiling, can also be dimmable, if equipped with drivers.

LED ceiling lighting is a technique for producing striking light shapes through the use of visible light sources.

In this way, furnishings are highlighted and rooms appear even more spacious and welcoming.

Our recessed lighting products are made of CRISTALY , a material that is completely compatible with plasterboard installations, pure to the touch, as well as having remarkable antibacterial properties of substances in the air , both in the light and in the dark.

9010 is at your disposal to provide you with classy spotlights suited to your needs. For over 50 years we have been manufacturing innovative lighting systems with an eye for tradition and the environment. Contact us now and find out how we can help you!