7 best living room lighting ideas

7 best living room lighting ideas

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The living room is the nerve center of the home, definitely the most lived-in place in the house but also among the most challenging to light.
It is extremely important to pay attention to the design and style of the living room. The lighting points adopted for the living room are called upon to both illuminate and enhance the atmosphere, so they must be chosen wisely in relation to the desired final effect.

In order to be perfect, living room lighting should ideally co-exist with three different combinations of light:

  • Living room lighting to be perfect must ideally make three different combinations of functions and light coexist:

  • Diffuse light: this is the general lighting, which must bring out the most significant points and brighten in a broad way;

  • Ambient light: is not essential but functional lighting and is used to create a more striking and unique living room;

  • Support light: illuminates specific points in the room as if it were an additional design element.

The three different lighting sources must balance each other optimally, and this can only be done by combining different light sources. A single chandelier for a large living room, for example, would prove too limited to effectively brighten the entire living area after dark, generating points of darkness that can precisely be avoided by resorting to multiple light points.

7 exclusive ideas for modern living room lighting

One light point protagonist

A single point of light protagonist for the living room
In the living area, it is essential not to overdo it with particularly elaborate floor lamps, pendants and wall sconces. It is, therefore, necessary to decide which light point is the protagonist: the design with a particular look makes the living room original, but if all the light sources differ in style the room will be perceived as chaotic and unharmonious.
A chandelier can help to personalize the atmosphere of a living room and illuminate the room with elegance: therefore, you need to choose its style carefully so that it fits the living room, the position in which to place it and the most appropriate size according to the effect you want to achieve.

Lighting the modern living room with furniture

Some furniture pieces have lighting systems built into them that add to the lights already designed.

It is important to pay attention to this type of furniture as well since the lights must be linear and consistent with the whole room. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure the necessary light for the entire living room, not only the table and kitchen area, but also the sofa, armchair and television area. Another more elegant solution is to use LED spotlights, which allow you to create an atmospheric and relaxing atmosphere.

Illuminate the TV area of the living room with wall lamps

The living room area is often separated from the kitchen by a bookcase or a TV wall and sofa.

A good idea is to install designer wall sconces to fill in and create an intimate and refined atmosphere. Wall sconces have the advantage that they do not take up floor space, and depending on lighting needs, they can provide direct and indirect light.LED strips are another solution for lighting the TV area of the living room: they can be placed behind the TV to provide the required light with very little energy consumption.

Lighting an open space with LED spotlights

If the living room and kitchen are one open space, it is necessary to arrange the lighting in a way that does not strain the eyes and creates as natural an atmosphere as possible. This is possible by using spotlights in the ceiling or LED profiles in the perimeter crown, which make the living room atmosphere harmonious and welcoming.

Lighting of sofas and armchairs in the living room

Lighting the sofa and armchair in the modern living room means producing light suitable for relaxation focused on evoking feelings of protection and comfort. We can resort to chandeliers placed above the sofa as well as lamps placed on the floor that give off light from behind the backrest.
The area of the living room with sofas and armchairs should accommodate light sources such as LEDs or recessed lights in the walls of the same color as the paint scheme, or alternatively with compartments with colorful shades. The use of mid-height lights that can directly hit the eyes should be avoided at all costs.
On the other hand, if there is a coffee table or sideboard in the relaxation area, a designer table lamp could be used, which adds a touch of originality to the modern living room.

Illuminate the living room dining table with pendant lamps

Lighting the dining area of the modern living room is essential to improve comfort and provide the light needed to both perform actions and relax. Centrally placed table lamps, for example, allow the dining area to be fully illuminated.

One solution often adopted is to use pendant lamps placed in the center of the table that provide direct lighting, making the space stand out and aiding in the goal of having a well-lit dining area thanks to high-performance LEDs. A lamp from the round-shaped pendant is very suitable for illuminating a table that is itself circular, in the case of a rectangular table, on the other hand, one can opt for a series of small lamps that illuminate the entire surface, or for many points of light adjusted to the desired light intensity.
An alternative to pendant lamps is the living room chandelier: the light should come down in a direct way keeping 120 cm from the table.

Illuminate paintings and wall works in the living room

If there are paintings and artwork in the living room, the need to make them stand out also through effective lighting is probably alive: it is possible in this case to install recessed wall lamps. The latter can be installed precisely in the wall or next to the top of the arrangement. Wall lights give the modern living room a soft cut lighting whose delicate chiaroscuros evoke pleasant feelings in the room.

If you also want to illuminate the shelves, you can use spotlights, in succession and at a distance, above them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the mistakes not to make when designing living room lighting.

What to avoid when lighting a modern living room

The following are mistakes to avoid when deciding on living room lighting:

  • Using only a single light source;

  • Adding spotlights without first having a well-defined lighting plan;

  • Using color lighting on the dining table;

  • Leaving the table area in shadow;

  • Not using atmosphere lighting;

  • Over-lighting the room with different light sources;

  • Not creating light and shadow effects;

  • Combining white and warm light with a dimmer;

  • Blocking natural light with opaque furniture and curtains.

If the living room is small, use diffuse lights that make sharp boundaries, paying attention to the areas to be enhanced and where to point the light sources. Implementing lights equipped with dimmers allows you to illuminate the living room appropriately according to the time of day.

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