How to light a designer penthouse: a practical example

How to light a designer penthouse: a practical example

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Today we would like to talk to you about the restructuring of a splendid penthouselocated in the foothills of Bologna, which led to a complete renovation of the interior and exterior spaces, an intervention that regenerated the apartament into a modern and elegant luminous nest, thanks to the careful use of innovative architectural and design elements.

To give the penthouse a modern and elegant atmosphere, 9010 profiles were used. These profiles run along the lines of the project, and thanks to their high-quality finish, they give the penthouse an aura of grace, harmony, refinement and elegance.

The lighting of a renovated modern penthouse

The renovation of the penthouse included the objective of providing natural lighting in the access corridor to the sleeping area, by opening up to the outside through Velux and the use of 9010 Profiles. The Velux windows allow natural light to reach the rooms, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere for the penthouse.

In addition, the exterior was enhanced with wooden flooring, a pergola and decorative vases, creating an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city.

Another noteworthy aspect of the renovation project is the attention paid to natural lighting in the access corridor to the sleeping area. Additional Velux were installed here, amplifying the effect of natural light and emphasizing the directionality of the pathway. This choice contributes to creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the sleeping area.

The lighting in the living area and the penthouse kitchen

Another key element of the renovation project was to achieve optimal continuity between the living area and the kitchen. The walls that previously delimited the spaces have been replaced by glazed bodies. This architectural choice allows a fluid transition between the two spaces, creating a sense of openness and connection.

The glass surfaces not only connect the living area to the kitchen, but also create a visual relationship between the two spaces. This architectural solution allows light to flow freely through the spaces, ensures optimal brightness and makes the penthouse spaces more inviting. In addition, the glazed surfaces allow for a rewarding view of the surrounding panorama even from the kitchen.

How to light a designer penthouse: some tips

Lighting plays a crucial role in defining the atmosphere of a well-groomed penthouse.

Install ceiling lights to illuminate the entire penthouse area evenly. You can opt for recessed spotlights, track spotlights or a pendant lighting system, depending on your style and personal preference, to ensure ideal lighting and avoid unpleasant shadows in corners and around furniture.

Ceiling lighting provides a general light base and can be dimmed to create different atmospheres.

You can experiment with different types of lighting to generate bewitching and original visual effects that can raise the appeal of the attic to another level. Wall lights are a favourite solution as they provide the required lighting in a discreet and functional manner.

Do you want to make the path along the penthouse intuitive and remove shadow areas? Add spotlights along the walls to create focused points of light and accentuate particular architectural or decorative elements. This bold lighting can help create a cozy atmosphere and add depth to the room.

If you have a study or work area you can opt for strategically placed floor or table lamps to provide the required light in an elegant and functional manner.

The bedroom and living room of a penthouse apartment deserve soft light to generate an enchanting and cozy atmosphere. You can consider table or floor lamps to generate more intimate lighting points and create reading areas or relaxation corners in the attic. Choose lamps with translucent abat-jours or transparent materials to allow light to spread evenly.

As for the penthouse bathroom, you can consider placing a swiveling spotlight emitting a cool or neutral light in the washbasin area and above the mirror to provide the necessary lighting for shaving and make-up.

How to light a modern attic with LED lights

You can use floor spotlights, track spotlights or recessed lights to create focal points of light in the room. Accent lighting adds depth and creates a captivating atmosphere, bringing out the most eye-catching details.

LED strips can be used to give the attic interesting lighting effects, such as lighting behind furniture or along walls. These strips are versatile, easy to install and can be adjusted to change colour and intensity, allowing you to create different atmospheres according to your preferences. The kitchen area can accommodate under-shelf LEDs to provide the necessary lighting for cooking without straining the eyes.

Penthouse terraces are generally very large areas that allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the outside.

If your penthouse has a terrace or balcony, consider installing outdoor lights to enhance the outdoor space at night. You can use recessed spotlights in the floor or wall spotlights to create a cosy and safe atmosphere. LED streetlights are good choices for illuminating large green areas. Low-power LED strips are discreet light sources that can enhance the details of flower beds, pool edges, pots and ornaments. Outdoor LED spotlights can be placed above perimeter walls or railings to provide subtle and refined reflected lighting.

To control the lighting in the attic at every level, consider integrating the installation of LED lights with dimmers or intelligent light control systems. These devices will allow you to adjust the light intensity and create different bright environments, depending on your needs and the atmosphere you want to create.

Need suggestions on the best type of lighting to set up in an attic to be renovated?