OOLITE CUP featured in 'Gardenia'

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In the issue 466 of February 2023 of the Gardenia magazine, the amazing outdoor bollard OOLITE CUP is featured, in the segment 'Idee', curated by Natalia Fedeli.

An absolute novelty

OOLITE CUP, designed by Maurizio Quargnale, maintains its primary function as a luminous element, but expands the relationship between light and nature, realizing itself as a container of water or small seeds, and thus becoming a valid refreshment point for birds and other creatures.

Spreading a new approach, highlighting beauty and the relationship between nature and design.

Illuminated, it is equipped with a latest generation LED light source with maximum efficiency and high visual comfort. When turned off, it represents an element of continuity with the vegetation, becoming an integral part of it. In fact the shape with soft curves has a basin in the upper part capable of containing natural delights, or a basin of essences to become a diffuser of aromas and perfumes.

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