Silvia Rossana x 9010novantadieci: discover our GIFs!

Silvia Rossana x 9010: discover our GIFs!

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We have asked Silvia Rossana, who took care of our new GIFs creation, to anwer some questions about the collaboration with 9010novantadieci, and to tell us something about her reality.

Who is Silvia Rossana?

My name is Silvia Rossana and I work as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. I live a few kilometers from Milan and work in my small study at home, surrounded by the green countryside, together with my dog Ginger. I work together with large and small companies, taking care of their brand identity creation, packaging, graphics for websites, animated gifs, illustrations and much more. I love colours very much, in particular colour palettes composed of soft pastel colours and desaturated and I am constantly looking for new shades to inspire me. You can see my works here and here

What was your impression about 9010novantadieci? What impressed you most about our reality?

When 9010novantadieci® contacted me to create some GIFs to use on its social channels I could not be happier. The first impression was great, I was attracted by the brand image, so essential and clean, but from which shows a lot of history and character. One of the things that immediately caught my eye was the colour. Since the beginning the desaturated and elegant shades of 9010novantadieci® have inspired me so much that the ideas started to flow one after the other.

Which was the most difficult part to develop? Which one the most interesting?

Fairly speaking I didn’t find any particular difficulty in working on this project, but all took place in a very spontaneous and fluid way. It is not always like that, it often takes time to take the right creative path, however since the beginning I have been in tune with the brand image and this made my work very easy. The most interesting part of the project was surely the initial one, made up of researching images and values belonging to 9010novantadieci®: this is the stage that allows me to better understand the brand and get in tune with it. Then obviously one of the most stimulating stages is when I start writing down the first ideas. Once overcome the initial fear of the “blank page”, I like to immerse myself completely in the work and see how it will go: it is always fascinating look back and see a project born from nothing.