OOLITE: illuminate your outdoor spaces with the 9010novantadieci light bollard collection

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The world of design welcomes a collection that captures the essence of nature and transforms it into a luminous work of art: OOLITE. This series of light bollards is the result of the genius of Maurizio Quargnale, a designer who has drawn inspiration directly from nature. His artistic vision translates into works that not only illuminate outdoor spaces but enrich them, becoming an integral part of them.

OOLITE is much more than a simple outdoor lighting source. This collection represents an incredible fusion of minimal design and natural materials, creating a visual harmony that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature. The true magic of OOLITE reveals itself when night falls. Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, these light bollards emit an enveloping and warm light, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The subtle ambient lighting is designed to highlight garden elements without being intrusive, transforming the outdoor area into an oasis of tranquility.

Thanks to its IP65 protection rating, each light bollard in the OOLITE collection is designed to withstand weather conditions and the elements. This feature makes it ideal for installation in any outdoor environment without compromising quality over time. Each light bollard is designed to elegantly illuminate outdoor areas such as pathways, flower beds, gardens, and patios, transforming outdoor spaces into true luminous canvases. The collection consists of several main variants: OOLITE SMOOTH, characterized by smooth and fluid lines; OOLITE GRIT, which adds a slightly rough texture for a contemporary touch; and OOLITE ROUGH, with a finish reminiscent of the rusticity of stone. Each expresses a unique character, providing the opportunity to choose the light bollard that best suits your garden. Let's discover them together.

OOLITE SMOOTH: elegance in simplicity

The first in the series, OOLITE SMOOTH, embodies elegance in its simplest form. Its minimal and fluid design is intended to seamlessly integrate into any outdoor environment, providing soft and welcoming light. The smooth finish and natural colors create a refined visual effect, while the latest-generation LED technology ensures energy efficiency and visual comfort.

OOLITE GRIT: the charm of textured finishes

OOLITE GRIT stands out for its textured finishes that add a touch of rustic charm. This light bollard is perfect for illuminating pathways and gardens, creating a cozy atmosphere. The combination of high-quality materials and LED light source provides durability and optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions.

OOLITE ROUGH: the harmony of nature

OOLITE ROUGH reflects the harmony of nature. Its robust structure and irregular finishes make it a perfect continuity element with the surrounding natural elements. Ideal for illuminating gardens and outdoor areas, this light bollard adds a touch of originality and authenticity to every space.

OOLITE BIG: unique artisanal expression

OOLITE BIG, the most imposing member of the family, features a stainless steel stem and a particularly larger head. This light bollard expresses the concept that nothing in nature is born the same, emphasizing the uniqueness of each artisanal creation. Its imposing presence makes it perfect for illuminating large outdoor areas or fountains with style and personality.

OOLITE CUP: functionality and design in one element

OOLITE CUP goes beyond its illuminating function, offering dual utility. In addition to spreading light, this outdoor bollard can also serve as a container for water or small seeds, providing a welcoming refuge for birds. An intelligent blend of aesthetics and practicality, making this light bollard a versatile addition to any flower bed or patio. This light bollard has won the Archiproducts jury's approval, receiving the ADA 2023 award.

The OOLITE collection is a celebration of elegance in simplicity. When positioned in groups, these light bollards achieve their maximum aesthetic impact, creating evocative plays of light and shadow that enrich the outdoor environment. The choice of textured finishes adds a touch of authenticity, transforming each bollard into an element that harmoniously blends with nature. Bring a touch of elegance and innovation to your outdoor lighting project with this extraordinary collection and discover how light can transform your outdoor space into a timeless beauty oasis.