How to choose the right Bollards for each Garden Style

How to choose the right Bollards for each Garden Style

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No matter how well-kept and welcoming it is, a garden at night becomes a dismal place fraught with danger if it is not properly lit. Therefore, effective garden lighting systems need to be set up to ensure appropriate brightness, in relation to the style of the garden.
Outdoor lamps are used to illuminate outdoor spaces such as terraces and driveways.

How to choose the right lighting for the garden

Outdoor wall lights are ideal for lighting small gardens, perimeter walls of an enclosed garden, balconies or terraces.

Ceiling lights are suitable for loggias, connecting walkways or installation under terraces. Marker lights are ideal for stairs, walkways, and terraces, providing soft light that can effectively brighten them.
Bright floor lamps are perfect for generating dramatic lighting and enhancing the garden.

Garden stakes and poles offer aesthetic and economical solutions for illuminating outdoor spaces, are very durable, and provide long range. Bollards are key installations to illuminate and beautify the garden at the same time, ensuring the light needed for proper visibility in a practical and elegant way.

The choice of the appropriate bollard for one's garden should be appropriate in relation to the style of one's garden and personal taste, as well as the quality of the installations themselves taken into consideration.

For example, opting for 9010 outdoor posts just under a meter high allows you to reduce the number of light points needed to achieve complete illumination of the area. They generate a circumscribed light that can then be flanked by other light sources without getting in the way; thanks to their low height they are also not obstructed by tree branches.

The lighting system that is intended to be applied in the garden must in any case provide dark spaces between devices so as to avoid glare. This distance varies according to the width of the garden and the type of the posts in question. Generally, a distance of one meter / one and a half meters from the sides can be adopted so as to maximize the light provided by the bollards.

LED bollards are also eco-sustainable because they contain no toxic substances and take advantage of the light emission produced by diodes. LED bollards are available in different models and designs to suit the aesthetic preferences of each individual. They can be used to illuminate outdoor driveways, create cozy atmospheres, or provide good visibility at night. Types of outdoor LED bollardsinclude solar bollards, which are suitable for environments with a constant presence of sunlight, but with limitations related to shaded areas and weather uncertainty.
For more classic settings, wrought-iron bollards with warm light are an ideal option to maintain a continuity of style. For driveways and parks, LED bollards with classic or retro designs can create striking atmospheres.

LED bollards - Why choose them to light your garden

A stylish garden cannot accommodate conventional and standardized posts; it needs outdoor lighting solutions that can stand out and enhance the merits of the specific environment. Outdoor lamps are used to illuminate outdoor spaces such as terraces, patios and driveways.

LED bollards can be either of modern design or adapt to antique settings, offering an aesthetic and functional solution that is valid for many types of environments. Despite their higher initial cost, LED bollards are an excellent long-term investment for illuminating the garden. When choosing the initial model however, it is important to consider parameters such as weather resistance, ease of installation, a finish that matches the surroundings, and the presence of a timer or motion sensor to save energy.

Light posts are efficient light sources that illuminate the garden while providing safe passage and at the same time are valuable furnishing accessories. Outdoor LED bollard designs are varied, with different materials and treatments available to suit any style of garden.
Some models of LED bollards feature openwork designs or decorative elements that create unique lighting effects when lit. These additional details can add an artistic touch to your garden.

LED bollards have a significantly longer lifespan
than traditional bulbs. This means fewer replacements and less waste of materials, reducing environmental impact.

LEDs are usually made of weather-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum. This durability ensures that bollards can withstand the elements and maintain their functionality over time.
In addition to garden lighting, LED bollards can be used creatively to decorate outdoor spaces. For example, they can be placed along patio edges, around ponds or fountains, or even inside pots to create a magical atmosphere.
Some LED bollards are dimmable, meaning they offer the ability to adjust the light intensity according to your preferences or different situations. This feature can help create more personalized atmospheres.

Led garden lighting bollards

How to choose the right garden bollards

Bollards are suitable for classy gardens or at any rate when you want to create an elegant ambience. In such cases, opt for bollard models that do not exceed five feet in height, in order to give off a more pleasant, subdued light than that produced by a light with higher wattage.

Make sure the materials are resistant to weather conditions. The garden is exposed to the weather, so street lights should be made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or durable plastic.

Another criterion of choice when it comes to bollards indicated in one's case is the type of light one wants to use. LEDs come in different shades, from warm (yellow-pink shades) to cool (blue-white shades). A warm light provides a soft, intimate atmosphere, while a cool light brightens things up more. Lights that are too blinding are detrimental to affected animal and flower species, so adopting lighting to the extent that is really necessary can improve the well-being of people and the environment.

LED bollards are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to easily integrate them with the style of your garden. From modern, minimalist designs to more classic or decorative options, there is a wide range to choose from. These devices emit less heat than traditional lamps, reducing the risk of overheating. This makes them safer for use outdoors, especially near the home.

The location in which you plan to place the posts also has its importance in properly illuminating the garden: near the entrance you can opt for two LED bollards that highlight the door and steps leading to the entrance.

The 9010 bollards are made of BETALY®, a material that combines a desire for elegance with a concern for nature, as well as excellent durability and undoubted aesthetic value.
BETALY® embodies a fresh and contemporary design, a material with a fine handcrafted look and excellent mechanical properties, capable of generating elegant and harmonious lighting.

In general, garden lights are an affordable choice for outdoor lighting. For more than 50 years, we have been producing innovative lighting systems with an eye for tradition and the environment. Our products can be made in a palette of colors that are reminiscent of natural atmospheres and hues and that blend well with the needs of different decorating styles.