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Utensils are no longer hidden

Giving character to a room or a public place by adding lighting that enhances its function is an intuitive and original undertaking, which can impact the experience of guests and customers and create the identity of a place. Utensils are no longer hidden, they become furnishing accessories that are useful for lighting. Functional, but above all aesthetically interesting. CRISTALY® comes to life with everyday life gestures. Lighting that tells the story of a place, interacting with the setting and evoking a strong emotional impact. Items of everyday use, transformed into light.


We are surrounded by designer objects, although we often don’t realise it. The MOKA coffee pot, for example, is one of the most commonly-used items, and speaks of Italian style all over the world. Thanks to CRISTALY® and high-performance LEDs, 9010 turns it into a wall-mounted or pendant lamp to showcase its shape and add character to its setting.


The wall-mounted FORK in backlit CRISTALY® with LEDs is an accessory that’s at home in the most chic settings, such as restaurants and venues for food events, but also for private kitchens and living rooms.

SPOON by 9010 in CRISTALY® takes the form of a spoon backlit by 9010 LEDs, combining minimalist style with its setting in an unconventional way, adding a unique touch to special projects.

CRISTALY® comes to life with everyday life gestures