Socket and light

Socket and light 4195A: comfort and technology

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PATENTED recessing system

It’s easy to lift

9010 introduces the path lighting system with LED light and integrated electrical socket, in a revolutionary combination of design and function. Thanks to a special PATENTED recessing system, it’s easy to lift the frosted metacrylic front panel and access the built-in socket.

The touch of genius

9010 conceals structure and connector block with a sliding frosted glass panel, placing these features in a recessed position so that they are hidden from sight yet easily usable thanks to the special ergonomic design. The final touch of genius is the 9010 LEDs, our speciality, which puts this appliance at the apex of contemporary design.

A. CRISTALY® frame
Junction box (not included)
Strip LED
Electrical plug device (not included)
Panel in satin methacrylate