5 projects that can inspire you 9010novantadieci

Five projects that could inspire you

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Each product is designed and designed, manufactured, tested and delivered ready for easy installation, designed to illuminate life. Here we present a selection of places where light 9010novantadieci has found its perfect environment.

Openness and transparency

Profiles, recessed lights and suspensions find the perfect environment in this intervention of recovery and reuse of the former Enel headquarters in Gubbio that completes the ambition to redevelop a disused industrial area on the outskirts of the city of Gubbio, taking shape as a real design citadel in a pivotal place between the historic center and the first suburbs according to the most current principles of urban regeneration.

Arch. Giulio Rosi

Products used: KUMA P002; ASSO BIG 5503B; MINILED ROUND 4248R


Casa MATERiA was born from a precise human and cultural project, even before architectural. In a city like Matera, where everything is conformed to the eternal charm of a material like tuff with which man has been in relationship since the beginning of his history, it seemed essential to root the idea of home to the very concept of matter. Until 2017 it was an old abandoned lamione; today in the same space it takes shape a housing proposal that expresses in a clear and precise way the will of two brothers from Puglia, who chose to live in Matera.

XYZ FACTORY - Michele Barberio

Products used: MOKA FULL 2516Q


PURO PIATTO was born from the idea of two young Brazilian girls to bring to the city a Healthy Food cuisine without sacrificing taste. The low budget project seeks to interpret the idea of the client to create a Pure space, using simple materials, with references to the South American atmosphere, where nature becomes architecture and architecture uses elements of nature to find rhythms and textures of the contemporary. All this is illuminated by the ceiling recesses of 9010novantadieci, which are integrated in the false ceiling and in the details of the room, the perfect light to enhance nature and architecture.

Arch. Michele Seminara

Products used: CEFEO 4177

House on the Gulf

This renovation consists in transforming a two-bedroom into a three-room apartment by replacing the independent kitchen with a children’s bedroom and creating a contemporary kitchen area with adjoining and integrated dining room. This kitchen is deliberately open to the living room to make the most of the beautiful view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Most of the furniture has been custom designed to allow the total integration into the space and thus achieve maximum optimization of the space, and for the lighting was chosen 9010novantadieci as a partner of minimal LED solutions and design.

Morphose Architecture

Products used: CASSIOPEA 4180; CASSIOPEA DOUBLE 4180A; MILLI BIG 4193B; KEID P010

Villa Angaran San Giuseppe Urban Forest

The first urban forest of Bassano del Grappa, realized thanks to a recovery and redevelopment of the northern park of Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, today the only Venetian Villa destined for social inclusion and citizenship development activities. A wonderful project, in which 9010novantadieci sees reflected the same ideals of environmental protection, supporting and supporting it from the beginning. Choosing, in fact, to collaborate and contribute to the supply of 77 beautiful posts ELLE, art. 1093, handmade in BETALY, which will illuminate the entire new urban forest in a soft and non-polluting way.

Arch. Virginia Antoranz Boronat - Agr. Dott. Michele Patuzzi - Ing. Tommaso Zorzi

Products used: ELLE 1093