Penthouse in the countryside

  • Residential /
  • Roma, Italia

BB1 Architettura - Arch. Chiara Tiberti

Strong and modern lines

The apartment is characterized by a wrought iron and steel staircase, a peculiar and distinctive element of the house. The living room contains an L-shaped kitchen, with a peninsula that houses the fires and seats, with a special extractor hood above it. On the walls we find the recessed lighting by 9010novantadieci, real sheets of light that from the inside of the wall reveal a heart of brightness that embraces the environment. Upstairs, in the attic, to create suggestions, a game was created with light and color, with the transparency of the glass and the linearity of the 9010novantadieci Profiles. In the double bedroom, the colors interact with the volumes: the different shades of blue and light blue enrich spaces and shapes, creating a sense of rhythm and movement, accentuated by the intense light of the cubic CRISTALY® wall lamps.

Ph. Giulio Speranza