Design with ALUMITE® Profiles

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ALUMITE® by 9010 is a lightweight, resistant material that makes installation quick and easy.

Tricks of lines

P002 - P010 - P011 - P012 - P013

Profiles P002 – P003 – P004 – P012 – P013 can be installed into brickwork and concrete wall or ceiling with standard tools present on all building sites and do not need the housing box. Moreover, with the P002, P003 and P004 models, 9010 provides an opaque black cover, to be removed once installation is complete, and the frosted metacrylic cover for optimum diffusion of the 9010 light. PROFILES P002, P010, P011, P012 and P013 offer the chance to choose from two frosted metacrylic covers, with or without side flaps, and define the lighting lines to suit the project.

wall-wash effect

P005 - P007 - P015

The wonderful P005, P007 and P015 are the perfect choice for various wall-wash effects, giving even light in a wide band.

for perfect projects

4189 - 4190 - 4197

The PROFILES with CRISTALY® 4189, 4190 and 4197 are ideal for a detailed and aesthetically perfect project, thanks to the reeled opaline casing which avoids the need for joins in the

Create your light effects.