In just 15 mm - 9010novantadieci

In just 15 mm: see the exclusive recessed lights!

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faretto a incasso 15 mm

With 9010, innovation never ends

Spotlights with unique characteristics

  • CRISTALY® frame with metal wings for stable and precise fixing;
  • aluminium plate heat diffuser;
  • high performance LEDs;
  • in just 15 mm thickness!

Thanks to an exclusive coupling system PATENTED by 9010, this series of spotlights can even be used in difficult conditions, where walls and ceilings are very close to the plasterboard.

Simple and sophisticated design

In addition to the patented fixing system and minimum recessing, these stunning products offer IP44 cover, so they can also be installed in damp places, guaranteeing the wonderful light of 9010 LEDs. Even in just 15 mm, 9010 offers modern, functional models to complete any project