How to choose chandelier rosettes cover

How to choose chandelier rosettes: guide to choosing them

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The ceiling chandelier rosette (also known as a cup or wire cover) is an important accessory that helps conceal wiring and add a finishing touch to your chandelier while enhancing its innate beauty.

In the old days, plaster ceiling rosettes were produced by skilled craftsmen who gave a display of refinement and meticulous care; they can be found in homes and buildings from different historical periods.

Today there are varieties available for all budgets from which we can choose those best suited for our home environments.

Why choose a ceiling rosette for chandelier?

Accessory elements such as rosettes allow you to break up the monotony of the walls and give an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the lighting sources in your home. In addition, rosettes are useful choices for reducing the perceived distance between the observer and the ceiling, making them appear lower when they are actually quite high.

Wall rosettes are useful elements for concealing defects in walls, hiding them by their presence. They can be colored and then hung to achieve excellent uniformity with the walls. Patterns with raised designs can create striking visual effects. On the other hand, if we are looking for more discreet results, we can opt for minimal designs suitable for more spartan environments.

How to choose rosettes for modern chandeliers?

Choosing the most appropriate chandelier rosette can really make a difference to a modern home environment.

To give the right character to the room, you need to pay close attention to the overall aesthetic style of the room, to choose the appropriate models given the effect you want to achieve. Common materials include metal, glass and plastic, so we can choose those akin to the finish of the chandelier.

An effective choice points to generating a cohesion between the rosette and the chandelier at the level of colors, aesthetic details, so as to generate a harmonious effect to the eye.

Obviously, size is also important to consider: care should be taken that the accessory has dimensions proportionate to those of the room so as not to make the chandelier appear too small or too bulky in relation to the room. Usually, when you are in a space of thirty square meters, it is advisable to place a chandelier with a diameter of at least sixty centimeters. In case the room measures fifteen or twenty square meters, it would be appropriate to adopt a chandelier or pendant with a diameter of forty centimeters.

Ceiling rosettes and decorations

There are various types of ceiling rosettes on the market: XXL, rectangular, square, vintage, modern, white or colored: so much variety can prove counterproductive when you are new to aesthetic choices.

Ceiling rosettes are available with linear decorations, which go well with modern styles. Versions equipped with intricate detailing can make classic-cut furnishings fully stand out. The painted metal cup rosette is a smart choice for concealing electrical connections and connecting a chandelier chain to the ceiling.

For more discerning palates, there are compositions composed of plaster decorations such as ornaments, curls and small stuccoes that create intricate elements that enhance the beauty of classical and neoclassical style rooms.

How to choose the best ceiling chandelier rosette

Plaster ceiling rosettes for chandeliers are a choice surely imbued with elegance and timeless charm

Metal ceiling rosettes are generally more durable and weatherproof and are easy to match with chandeliers. Ceramic rosettes are choices steeped in handcrafted charm, the result of slow, studied firing: these are very good choices for country settings or those with references to nature

Silicone rosettes are particularly durable, soft choices that leave a pleasant sensation to the touch, so they are highly valued by interior designers and decorators who want to give rooms a refined, exquisite elegance.

Wood rosettes are suitable when you want to add a rustic, warmer touch to the room, especially to vintage environments.

There are multiple varieties around: shabby, country, Scandinavian, industrial, the models of which can also be colored to achieve full compatibility with the environments of the house.

Porcelain rosettes give off an intense brilliance and are well suited to both neutral and more intensely colored style environments.

Plastic rosettes tend to be cheaper and lighter models, suitable for more spartan environments that do not need to bring out particular artistic merit.

Why choose metal chandelier rosettes?

A metal rosette with a polished finish makes a great impression in classic rooms; a metal model with a matte finish goes well with modern rooms; an accessory with an aged finish may be an appropriate choice for rooms with an industrial cut. To achieve special effects through metal chandelier accessories, you can opt for iron or brass rosettes in order to convey a lived-in air not without a certain class.

If we have to adorn a white chandelier, we can choose a rosette of the same color so as to maintain a clean and uncluttered look. In the case of a chandelier of a certain color, we can opt for a rosette of a contrasting color to create a contrast that is pleasing and attractive to the eye.

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