Light for every environment: new 2516 wall lights!

Light for every environment: new 2516 wall lights

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CRISTALY® wall lighting systems become veritable furnishing accessories.

The wonderful collection of illuminating objects expands, welcoming six new items: FARFALLA 2516G, FUSILLO 2516H, ASTERISK 2516R, HASHTAK 2516S, SAVON 2516V and SAVON SMALL 2516W. Functional lighting, but above all aesthetically interesting, gives life to the CRISTALY® in everyday gestures, playing with the environment that houses it and giving a strong emotional impact to those who admire it.


9010novantadieci pays homage to the Italian culinary culture with two original items that reflect the classic shapes of pasta, teasing the imagination and appetite of the observer. FARFALLA and FUSILLO, handmade in CRISTALY®, backlit with LED technology, are furnishing accessories that can characterize the most chic environments, such as restaurants and food event locations, but also kitchens and living rooms of private apartments.


Two of the most widely used and well-known symbols in the technological era are transformed into curious lamps, thanks to the union between CRISTALY® and 9010novantadieci LEDs. Perfect for decorating offices and open spaces, but also studios or living rooms mixing minimal style and Made in Italy lighting, to give a unique accent to a special project. ASTERISK and HASHTAK, like all articles in CRISTALY, can also be painted with any water color, allowing the maximum level of customization, also ensuring an eco-friendly and healthy light, thanks to the antibacterial properties of the exclusive-to-9010novantadieci material.


Creating functional wall lamps to illuminate a space becomes a winning choice combining design with the objects that characterize the space itself. Linear and innovative, SAVON 2516V and SAVON SMALL 2516W are presented as two cubes protruding from the wall with the appearance of the "Savon de Marseille". Thanks to the material and its clean lines they are perfect to characterize bathrooms or commercial spaces, with diffused bi-emission light for SAVON 2516V or mono-emission for SAVON SMALL 2516W.

Characterize every environment!

FARFALLA 2516G, FUSILLO 2516H, ASTERISK 2516R, HASHTAK 2516S, SAVON 2516V and SAVON SMALL 2516W join MOKA 2516M, MOKA FULL 2516Q, FORK 2516C and SPOON 2516D, creating a wide range of choice between different lighting objects, to make each room unique.