9010 in Ville & Casali

9010 in Ville & Casali

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In the issue 6 of June 2022 of the 'Ville & Casali' Magazine, there is 9010 and its lighting creations!

Comfort and flexibility

by Francesco Stimamiglio

The amazing ceiling recessed lights made in CRISTALY® are the background of the elegant project by Francesco Stimamiglio. The villa, located in Padova, reflects the projectist's goal: "to achieve a functional environment with a flawless elegance." The Handmade in Italy LED lighting extends itself for both of the house's floors, allowing for a zenith light with modern lines.

soft and adaptable light

Art. 4180B

It consists of a pair of LED set inside two square recesses separate from each other and set at a slight depth. The light produced is soft and can be adapted to all needs. The CRISTALY®-made recessed spotlight can be installed both in the ceiling and in the wall, thanks to its minimal and innovative design.