Terme Pompeo

  • Commercial /
  • Frosinone, Italia

Designer Stefano Cipriani

Rejoice and relax in comfortable spaces

Immersed in the greenery of centuries-old olive trees and surrounded by the beauty of ancient villages and centuries-old abbeys, Terme Pompeo is a holistic spa specialized in personal care.
The ideal place to prevent and treat many pathologies of adults and children, but above all to enjoy the benefits of thermal baths and muds, allowing yourself a well-being or work stay, away from stress and in the most authentic perception of newfound energies. Neutral and warm colors, large windows that let the rays of light filter through, minimalist furnishings, materials that evoke serenity and deep relaxation, enveloping lights and aromas. An environment designed to communicate positive sensations and an authentic state of well-being that takes shape upon entering the hall. The light by 9010novantadieci is the last fundamental detail to allow each material to show its texture and to allow the viewer's eye to rejoice and relax in these comfortable spaces.

Ph. Giordano Bufo