Roman apartment

  • Residential /
  • Rome, Italy
faretto incasso a parete salotto 1/3

BiArch Studio - Arch. Romina Biasiotti

a sophisticated touch

The main colors that characterize the environments of this Roman apartment are cold colors ranging from the green of the bedroom to the deep blue of the living room wall, these shades have been chosen to make the relaxing environments that infuse tranquility, calm and relaxation. The furniture and decorations of the house give a sophisticated, refined and elegant touch.

The study of lighting was fundamental to the creation of the various areas.

The design of the custom-made furniture elements has given a unique character to the composition ranging from the slatted coat hanger wall in white lacquered wood to the living room with a single oak top and the insertion of an electric LED fireplace.

Ph. Ariel Nacamulli