La Marianna Bakery

  • Restaurant / Cafè /
  • Bergamo, Italy

Exhibition designer: Lucia Nusiner

Under the tree

A space to relax, enjoy a hot drink and 'get lost' in the Christmas tradition.

On a wood chip flooring are placed 12 tables, 2 of which under the Christmas tree: a fir-shaped structure in iron rods with hanging Christmas lights. Small fir trees, birches and other traditional plant species are placed in 3 raised flower beds. In the centre there is a large brazier. The setting is completed by a suggestive window in the shape of a heart surrounded by wooden blocks, lights from the PRIA collection of natural-looking design, in the shape of stone (PRIA in veneto means stone) of the company 9010, lights hanging in the shape of saucers, with graphics the Christmas wreath, red balls and lights wrapped on the arches.

Ph. Piero Annoni