Attico A&O

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  • Bologna, Italy

Biondi Architetti

comfortable rooms at all hours

The intervention involves the renovation and enhancement of an attic, with the aim of adapting the house to the new needs of the family. The apartment is on two levels and the attic connects the interiors to two large panoramic terraces. The premises before the renovation were insufficiently illuminated and oppressive. The lighting, so lacking at first, will later become the characterizing note of the apartment. It was decided to work with both natural and artificial LED lighting from 9010novantadieci, to make the rooms comfortable at all hours of the day. Very large skylights assembled in groups flood the rooms with light, enhancing the light-colored parquet and the white and pearl gray walls. A pellet fireplace creates a warm atmosphere for a large relaxation area. The lighting of 9010novantadieci, almost invisible during the day because it is integrated into the masonry, lights up at dusk and becomes extremely scenographic, characterizing the rooms in a decisive way. Everything is managed by home automation and adjustable in intensity, to adapt to the different uses of the house.