PRIA garden step markers

PRIA garden step markers: elegant outdoor lights

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Imagine a stunning line of eco-friendly markers that blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural style. This stunning collection of 9010 marker lights is designed with an environmentally conscious eye, offering a design that blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of its surroundings. Made with sustainable materials and low-impact technologies, these outdoor lights not only fit in with the natural environment, but also help preserve the delicacy of ecosystems.

PRIA garden markers - Outdoor lights of natural elegance

9010 presents the PRIA series of step markers, consisting of four new elements designed by Maurizio Quargnale that pay homage to nature through shapes and colors. These markers blend harmoniously with their surroundings, offering discreet and consistent lighting for any space. Maurizio Quargnale, designer and lighting designer, is distinguished by a "gentle" approach to the environment.

His challenge is to create sustainable lighting objects that respect the context in which they are placed, where the synthetic and functional design blends perfectly with the vegetation, becoming an element of continuity that blends almost imperceptibly but with great visual impact.

PRIA constitutes a complete family of lamps, ideal for natural outdoor spaces but equally suitable for special interior design situations. When it is off, it integrates completely with its surroundings, becoming an integral part of them with a solution that creates true continuity. However, it is at the moment it is illuminated that the magic occurs: the entire context around it comes to life, enriching itself with light and shadow that enhance the surrounding elements.

Each element in this line is designed to respect and honor nature, offering a sustainable and stylistically consistent alternative. The shapes and shades of the markers are designed to blend in with the landscape, becoming an integral part of the environment without compromising its natural aesthetics. This line of eco-friendly markers represents a tangible commitment to sustainability, helping to create a balance between functionality, beauty and respect for the surrounding environment.

The PRIA outdoor lighting collection is a versatile option in both form and color, offering unobtrusive and consistent lighting for any type of space. PRIA's versatility makes it perfect for adapting to different situations, always ensuring a harmonious aesthetic impact.

PRIA BRENTA outdoor marker lights

The swift waters of the Brenta River have smoothed and shaped the stone from which our Pria line of marker lights originated. Thanks to its flat top surface, it lends itself well as a support for other objects, invigorating their shapes and bringing their colors to life.

The naturalness of PRIA BRENTA's step markers is evident in every detail, conveying a sense of authenticity and a deep connection with their surroundings. Each step on them becomes a tactile experience that rediscovers the beauty of natural craftsmanship, inviting you to connect with the earth.

The elegance of PRIA BRENTA emerges not only from its flat shape, but also from its ability to enhance the objects that stand on it. The harmonious fusion between the surface of the markers and the surrounding elements revitalizes the shapes and intensifies the colors, creating a visually rich picture.

Pria markers embody the intrinsic beauty of nature, transforming each step into an aesthetic and experiential journey. Their presence gracefully underscores the natural elegance of the setting, enriching the environment with a unique fusion of form, function, and the timeless beauty of stone worked by the force of water.

PRIA SERIO outdoor spotlights

PRIA SERIO occupies the middle position in terms of size within the family. With its domed design, it is ideal for illuminating passages or blending in among other stones, enhancing shapes and surfaces when lit.

This type of step marker expresses timeless elegance through a carefully thought-out design that combines functionality and style in an exemplary way.

Its convex shape not only gives PRIA SERIO a distinctive appearance, but also serves to highlight its versatility. This particular design makes the marker ideal for gracefully illuminating walkways and pathways, providing discreet yet effective lighting. At the same time, the ability to blend in among other stones adds a natural touch to its surroundings, creating an enchanting and integrated atmosphere.

When illuminated, PRIA SERIO transforms into a scenic element of the garden, enhancing the shapes and surfaces it encounters. The diffused light emitted by the marker gently emphasizes the features of the surrounding elements, creating plays of shadow and light that help define the environment with a touch of sophistication.

This variety presents itself not only as a practical means of guiding through spaces, but as a design element that elevates the aesthetics of any setting. Its presence lends an understated and sophisticated elegance, offering a luminous solution that gracefully adapts to landscape architecture and street furniture.

PRIA ADIGE stone markers for gardens

The unique shape of this stone is striking compared to others; it stood on the edge of the river defying the quiet current. For this reason, PRIA ADIGE was designed for vertical placement, ideal for interpreting rising natural textures such as hedges or bushes.

Because of this unique feature and the inspiration drawn from the durability of stone along riverbanks, PRIA ADIGE was designed with a distinctive approach. Its design is optimized for vertical placement, a delicate and powerful interpretation of the natural textures that rise in the surrounding nature, such as elegant hedges or bushes that rise gracefully.

In PRIA ADIGE, the stone blends harmoniously with the surrounding natural elements, almost becoming an integral part of the vegetation. The light diffusing from this vertical form adds a touch of mystery and sophistication, creating an enveloping atmosphere that highlights the inherent beauty of nature.

PRIA ADIGE represents not only a functional element to indicate passages through the garden, but a statement of natural elegance. Its presence reflects the strength of the river landscape and adds a distinctive and striking element to any setting, celebrating the harmonious fusion of human design and the power of nature.

PRIA MINI outdoor marker lights

The smallest of the PRIA family, called PRIA MINI, was created from a synthesis of the three larger versions. This version is also available in self-powered mode. With its ability to be self-powered, PRIA MINI is the ideal solution for situations where efficient but unobtrusive diffuse lighting is needed.

It is perfectly suited to illuminating moments such as a romantic aperitif on the beach at sunset or reading a book lying by the pool in the evening. PRIA MINI is available in three different color temperatures and three BETALY® color variations, ensuring the highest level of performance thanks to its innovative LED electrical part.

In conclusion, PRIA MINI, with its compact design and state-of-the-art technology, stands out as a versatile and sophisticated lighting element, enriching any space with a touch of elegance and innovation.

9010novantadieci has been dedicated for years to the creation of designer lighting systems through an approach focused on sustainability. We actively collaborate with associations and local authorities to pursue increasingly ambitious goals focused on community well-being and land protection. Our mission is based on responsible production, aimed at reducing environmental impact as much as possible.

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