Paolo D'Arrigo

Paolo D'Arrigo is a designer who approaches his projects as an alchemy of nature and hi-tech, in which shape is the result of a process that challenges the limits of material and goes beyond them.


An active member of several associations, he has chaired the ADI Lazio delegation and the In Forma Azione association. He teaches Industrial Design to students at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is the recipient of numerous awards in Italy and abroad, including the German Design Award and three times the ADI Design Index.

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"I was immediately enthusiastic about collaborating with 9010, because of the concrete nature and the formal potential of the ceramic materials used in their products. Seeking to develop solutions for outdoor lighting, we focused on different design approaches, ranging from innovation in style and function to formal design elements. Taking inspiration from the natural world, which acted as our muse, we came up with three very different proposals, archetypal and recognisable, which could meet a wide range of outdoor lighting needs and also suggest alternative solutions."