Luciano Michele Lettieri

Luciano Michele Lettieri is an industrial designer who grew up in Verona but was born in Venezuela.


After attending an introductory course on design at the art school, he continued and deepened his knowledge at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona graduating as an industrial designer. During his university career he began to collaborate with some realities and shortly after the end of his studies he took the path of free profession giving life to his own design studio. Focusing primarily on collaborating with industries, companies and other studios to produce for a B2B and B2C audience, working particularly on the relationship between people and objects, emotions and experiences that generate from that relationship.

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"Collaborating with 9010novantadieci was a winning team from the start. Their availability, positivity and enthusiasm were a key element that allowed the development of a complex and delicate project in every aspect, solving any problem and giving free rein to creativity. All this was fundamental for the creation of a unique and inimitable object able to give a new light to the lines of Italian design."