Henry & Co.

HENRY & CO. is a Verona design studio founded in 2013 with the belief that sustainability is the only way forward.


The aim of HENRY & CO is to support firms in the design and re-design of both products and communication services, aiming for a circular economy.

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"Solid, structural and concrete yet soft, fluid and abstract. Levico combines the organic sinuousness of the curve with the solid architectural presence of BETALY® in a series of contrasts, an oxymoron of form and material which comes together in an iconic and minimal object. Inspired by the slow shaping action of rivers, Levico handles light as if it were liquid, an erosional force which can itself shape the body of the lamp. To do this, Levico begins with the quintessential architectural element - the column, and allows light to find its own shape, evoking the romantic encounter between the forces of nature and artifice."