The collaboration between interior designer Giulia Ciccarese (born 1988) and architect Devis Busato (born 1981), who both studied at the IUAV in Venice, dates back to 2014.


Creativity, research and multiple disciplines are the starting point for their professional journey in the fields of design and architecture. The same year they created the Formidable project - an acronym for form, identity and ability, but also literally 'marvellous', as the creative process that characterises their profession.

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Simple, sculptural forms give character to the Ercole collection of outdoor lamps. Clean, minimal lines are reminiscent of the circular temple of the Vestals, custodians of the holy fire. In the same way, a cylinder of BETALY® and a series of small columns topped by an ALUMITE® disc protect and shape the light source, making Ercole a highly technical and aesthetic item.