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Alice Barki is a Designer who believes that projects need to come from a careful observation of the surrounding world.


Her works are 360°-wide, creating complex shapes inspired by an analysis of nature, the environment and the forms that surround her. She owns a Studio in Milan, teaching Product and Interior Design in three Milanese Universities, completing her professional path alternating collaborations, consulting and participating in events related to the world of Design with passion and dedication.

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The union with 9010novantadieci was born recently, after a series of meetings and mutual exchange of ideas and views on what could be achieved together, immediately results in a wonderful collaboration that loves to be a challenge: two complex works that are transformed, that interact in their design and beauty, the passion that unites those who inspire, who suggests, who designs and that gives strength to what is created with unique materials. Complex in their simplicity, perfect example of how the light and the design of what has been made, with sinuous shapes, can unite in harmony and, above all, how the latter affects the flow of light that is reflected on the ground.