967arch has been designing architecture, interior and product design for companies, private customers and public.


Founded in Milan by Cesare Chichi and Stefano Maestri, the studio relies on the expertise of architects and designers covering the different scales of the project. The design team consists of Cesare Chichi, Mauro Pizzi, Simone Preatoni and Grecja De Stefani. The artisan approach, from creative workshop, mixes with the canons of the managerial production process where management, costs and times govern the development of the project. Each proposal is based on the matrix of the story, intended as a logical support to every stylistic and identity choice. Simplicity, sobriety and irony are the leitmotif of all the works where attention to detail and the search for new solutions characterize the spirit of design in the tertiary, industrial, residential.The studio has created buildings and workspaces for Accenture, Amplifon, Campari, Cisco, Fc Internazionale, Ferrero, Google, HP, Loro Piana, Petronas, WPP . He designs products for brands such as Davide Groppi, Dieffebi, DND, Las, MDF Italia, Poltrona Frau, Ritwell, Saba, True design and Zumtobel, for which he also occasionally designs exhibitions and exhibitions. Since 2021 967arch is creative director of MDF Italia Contract Office.

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"Starting from a cooperation for a project, the relationship with 967Arch then developed thanks to the creation of a new design product to be included in the 9010novantadieci collection. This is a collaboration that joins 967Arch with 9010novantadieci in the research for a new product that, thanks to the lightness of the materials and the expressive simplicity, combines emotion and functionality, elements that identify the company dna and the projects of 967arch."